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Benchmark Electronics Announces Tablet Reference Design Based On Texas Instruments' OMAP(TM) 4 Processors
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ANGLETON, Texas, May 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Benchmark Electronics, Inc. (NYSE:BHE), a leading integrated contract product design and manufacturing service provider, announced that the company's design engineering team has created a reference design for a tablet platform based on the OMAP™ 4 applications processors from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). This reference design, called the Grizzly Tablet, can now be leveraged by customers in the key end markets that Benchmark serves, such as medical and industrial control equipment, including aerospace and defense. The Grizzly Tablet will be showcased at the TI Technology Tech Day at the River Centre in St. Paul, Minnesota, on May 2, 2012.

By selecting Benchmark's reference design as a building block, customers have access to TI's OMAP 4 processors for differentiated solutions targeting applications such as telemedicine, rugged military and industrial applications, security applications and monitoring systems. "Benchmark's status as a Platinum Member of the TI Design Network provides early access to this cutting-edge family of OMAP 4 processors for our customers. The Grizzly Tablet reference design offers the combination of design flexibility and state-of-the-art technology with great value and performance," said Mark Troutman, Vice President of U.S. Design Engineering Services for Benchmark Electronics.

"As a Platinum member of TI's Design Network, Benchmark plays an important role in providing access to a broader base of customers interested in working with our leading OMAP processors. Benchmark's experience and track record of designing, integrating and manufacturing electronics products accelerates the design process, and helps customers bring proven, solid products to market," said Mike Schoonover, OMAP Industrial Business Development Manager, TI.

About Benchmark Electronics, Inc.
Benchmark Electronics, Inc. provides integrated manufacturing, design and engineering services to original equipment manufacturers of computers and related products for business enterprises, medical devices, industrial control equipment (which includes equipment for the aerospace and defense industry), testing and instrumentation products, and telecommunication equipment. Benchmark's global operations include 21 facilities in nine countries. Benchmark's Common Shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol BHE.

About the Texas Instruments Design Network
Benchmark is a member of the TI Design Network, a premier group of independent, well-established companies that offer products and system-level design and manufacturing services complementing TI's semiconductors to a worldwide customer base to accelerate product innovation and time-to-market. Network members provide product design, hardware and software system integration, turnkey product design, RF and processor system modules, reference platforms, software development, proof-of-concept design, feasibility studies, research, certification compliance, prototyping, manufacturing, and product life cycle management. For more information about the TI Design Network, please visit

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